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Products + Pricing

Available Products: Beef, Bulls + Heifers, and Other Farm Goodies!
TO ORDER: Call or e-mail with the quantity of items you would like to order, and whether you want delivery or pickup. We will send a request for payment via PayPal. Once paid, you will get your meat! 
Additional Info
Beef Jerky: Regular
Mild spice: salt, smoked paprika, garlic, hot pepper, apple cider vinegar
$12/3 oz package
Beef Jerky: Spicy
Medium spicy: salt, smoked paprika, garlic, Regular+smoked hot pepper, apple cider vinegar
$12/3 oz
Peach Jam
Homegrown on our property and packaged locally!
$10 / 8 oz
Filet Mignon
New York Strip
Flank Steak
Shoulder Roast
Blade Chuck Roast
Skirt Steak
Stew Meat
Fajita Meat
Short Ribs
Ground Beef
Soup Bones
Bulk Beef: 1/4 Animal
Approximately 130-160 lbs. Bulk price + 1/4 of the processing fee.
Contact for Pricing
Bulk Beef: 1/2 Animal
Approximately 260-320 lbs. Bulk price + 1/2 of the processing fee
Contact for Pricing
Bulk Beef: Whole Animal
Approximately 520-640 lbs. Bulk price + processing fee
Contact for Pricing
Bulls and Heifers for Sale
See details below
Contact for pricing
More info on our Cows

We offer Tennessee-raised Piedmontese and Gelbvieh cattle for breeding and farm-fresh beef. Our cattle are raised on a pasture with Orchard, Rye, Fescue, and Clover grasses and are grass and hay fed with hay from our land. The cows are given all the minerals they need as they roam our Windy City Hills. We have never and will never feed our cows with animal by-products, nor do we treat them with hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. They drink water from our automatic watering systems. We keep detailed records of our animals so our customers can know what they are consuming. All our pure-bred Piedmontese and Gelbvieh cows have Registration Certificates from the Piedmontese Association of the United States and the American Gelbvieh Association, respectively. We have Advanced Master Beef Producer and Beef Quality Assurance certifications from the University of Tennessee Extension, meaning we know where your beef comes from, what it's fed, and that it will make a strong addition to your herd or a lean, delicious, and healthy meal!

For the most updated information on cattle we have for sale, please contact us via email or phone. Contact us to place your order before it's all gone for the season!

Piedmontese Bull
Bulls for Sale

All our bulls are either pure bred Piedmontese/Gelbvieh or cross-breed Piedmontese-Gelbvieh. Pictured to the right is Fernando, one of our pure-bred Piedmontese bulls. Our bulls are suitable for breeding in a herd. He is just one of the examples of bulls we have for sale. For more updated information, pricing, or for pictures of our bulls, please contact us.

Image of heifer
Heifers for Sale

All our heifers are either pure bred Piedmontese/Gelbvieh or a cross-breed of Piedmontese-Gelbvieh. For more information and pricing on heifers we have for sale, please contact us. Gelbvieh heifers are especially well known for their fertility and maternal qualities!

Farm Fresh Meats
Farm Fresh Meats

The cost of our beef is based on a flat fee per pound plus the processing fee. All orders are processed at a local facility. Cuts can be customized on request. You can also purchase 1/4, 1/2, or a whole animal. 

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