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The Piedmontese Gelbvieh Difference

Piedmontese Bull

Here at Windy City Hills, we raise Piedmontese and Gelbvieh breeds. We chose these types for their natural strength and lean meat. Piedmontese cows, originally from the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, are blessed with a leaner, more muscular physique. Because of a natural genetic mutation that limits a gene which restricts muscle growth in most mammals, Piedmontese have a higher muscle content than the average cattle breed, which breeders call "double muscling". We like to think they have stocky, muscular bodies as if they were the gymnasts of the cattle world.  If you’re looking to add an Arnold Schwarzenegger to your herd or if you're looking for a big steak but still need to stay heart-healthy, the Piedmontese beef will be an excellent, lean choice, as you can see from the health benefits table below. Check out the links below as well for more information on the breed.

Damn, look at those muscles!

Health benefits of grass-fed Piedmontese beef

Lower cholesterol and fat, higher protein content! Health benefits of Piedmontese, as decribed by the North American Piedmontese Cattle Association (NAPA)

Gelbvieh calf and cow

The Gelbvieh breed originated in the mid-18th century in Bavaria, Germany. Though they come in many colors nowadays, the word Gelbvieh in German translates to mean “yellow cattle.” We chose to raise these cows for their maternal instinct, fertility, and muscle development. If you like marbelization in your steak, the Gelbvieh breed could be the best choice. The breed is a little fattier than the muscular Piedmontese. Read more about the breed by following the link to the American Gelbvieh Association website below.

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