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Our Promise

All our meats are raised on rolling hills in the heart of Tennessee. We are dedicated to bringing our family and yours a great addition to your herd or to your plate. We never use pesticides, steroids, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, or animal by-products on our cows - we know if you put crap in you get crap out! Instead, we use all-natural methods of keeping our cows happy and healthy. We are working towards getting organic certification for our land that has been untouched by pesticides for decades.


Here at Windy City Hills, we treat our animals with utmost respect and make sure they are as happy as a cow should be. Whether you are interested in purchasing our cows for breeding or for meat, we guarantee an animal that has been respected and cared for. Let us be your first choice for humane, lean, healthy cows and meats. As we say in Polish, farming should be done with a heart, or na pole z sercem!

And if you don't believe us...this site was made by our daughter that has been vegetarian for more than ten years! We have to pass her standards ;)

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